Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Social media platforms are the most effective way to communicate and connect with your current and potential audience. Each social media platform has its own features and character which should be considered when coming up with a comprehensive social media plan. As Hexagon, we provide a 360° social presence from creating content calendars to hands-on administration, from community management to paid advertisement, along with the right analysis and optimization pipeline and the reports that matter most.

Online Advertisement & Media Buying

We help brands grow their businesses with most measurable and exponential growth. Through managing your digital advertisement budget optimally, we drive quality traffic to your products/services page. Millions can be drawn to a page with no purchase… Hexagon’s digital growth team of strategists and executers drive the audience that is ready to convert, decide and buy.
A comprehensive analysis of your potential customers, industry, social media platforms and where the audience is spending time will be examined.

Online ADs
Sales Pipeline Design

Digital Sales Pipeline

Our expertise comes from understanding the dynamics and nature of the digital world and its behavioral patterns. No campaign is successful without planning the marketing and sales together hand in hand.
As we onboard a new client, we work hard on understanding the dynamics and needs of that brand, go through all the online platforms and channels available and build a sales funnel that works.
Designing a customer potential’s entire journey from seeing an Ad to landing to your product page to make a purchase, we understand how online platforms and tools work with each other.

Strategy & Brand

Every brand should have its own spirit and message. We prioritize understanding the ethos of our client’s brand values and tone of voice, and if needed help create the brand architecture that is consistent, accurate and appealing. A winning strategy for any brand is crafted by keeping the goals and vision in mind. At Hexagon, our experienced strategists gets involved from the first day, until delivery of goals, to make sure each brand is on its success path.

Strategy and Brand
Website and Landing

Web & Landing Page Development

Every business that has a digital presence requires a website that speaks the right tone, offers the services and products, a strong proposition and a clear call-to-action according to the agreed function and role of the website in the digital marketing and sales operations. From creation to smart analytics, A/B testing to sales-oriented user experience design, our team will amplify the results of your brand through a website or landing page. We create efficient and goal-oriented websites and landing pages fast and smart.

Reports & Analytics

At the core of our work is the desire for everlasting optimization and smart growth. By identifying the metrics and KPIs that matter the most, we lay out the most efficient report and analysis items for each brand and its projects, platforms or sales. Analysis and optimization of webpages, social media accounts, online advertisements and reporting of the crucial metrics will be delivered as an indispensable part of our scope.

Analytics and Reports
Content Planning

Content Creation & Planning

Content is key. Whether it is a caption for your social media post or the entire visual posts for online advertisement, or a new video commercial you want to promote, we plan and create the required content for brands which will boost marketing and sales goals. Using the right content on the right platform and showing it to the right audience is the key when leveraging it for results. That’s why, Hexagon’s strategists and content team will be your brand’s vital branch out in the digital world.

SEO & SEM Content

To increase qualified traffic to any brand’s website or social media accounts, the search engine optimization (SEO) activities will play a vital role. You cannot hack SEO, but we can come up with a SEO strategy that works, along with the action plan that will support the strategy. Including keyword analysis and implementation, SEO-friendly content planning and back-end optimization will boost your brand’s relevancy score, hence its search engine performance.

SEO & SEM Content

Want to grow your business online? Let’s craft the plan that gets you the engagement, leads and conversions with most efficient strategies.